January 2, 2018

No longer a freelancer

2017 was the year I understood the power of divorcing my time from my earnings.

I sold a course to fellow TheFastlaneForum members and it was amazing to receive money and not have to do any work afterwards. Unlike when a new client pays me and we have to swing into action, when someone buys a course you’ve already published you don’t have to do anything else. It’s mind-blowing really, and those unexpected emails of Stripe payments never get old.

More importantly, I also built a team, which now means I spend more of my time working on my phone than on my PC. What a game-changer.

Overall though, I don’t consider myself a freelancer anymore. I have clients on monthly payments. Some churn of course, and I have to keep onboarding new ones. But the portfolio is slowly growing.

I’m delegating more and more work to my team. I’m able to spend more time being the business owner.

I consider myself more of a business owner now. Strange how the way you label yourself affects what you do. Hmm… why do I still say “more of” a business owner? Probably because I’m still doing coal-face work? I won’t dwell on why. Someone wiser than me said: “F*ck why. It only holds you back.”

I don’t like yearly goals, but I’d like things to be more planned. I’m leaning towards documenting my vision of where I’d like to be at the end of 2018, and creating quarterly goals/way-markers to get there.