June 12, 2018

When you have too many business ideas

I have lots of ideas every day. If one keeps coming up then I add it to a Trello list of “Biz ideas on hold”. This allows me to stay focused on a few things I’m working on. Those things are all related to each other though. They’re all different legs to the same stool.

It’s hard to get traction if we don’t keep going with the same thing(s). The good stuff happens when get really deep into a niche.

Entrepreneurs see opportunities everywhere. This needs to be harnessed lest we spin our wheels.

For me, providing the same service to clients in different verticals gives me variety while still applying the same skills and experience.

Figure out how to “grow what you know” and keep stacking your skills and experience on top of each other?

Try to build a high ground rather than keep moving to what seems like greener pastures?

Everything is a moot point if we can’t make sales.

Personally, I’d steer clear of anything I couldn’t create and sell within 7 days. Dan Norris calls this “product-founder fit”. Does it fit *you* to be selling this product or service? Do you have the skills, experience, and resources to pull it off?