January 19, 2018

Steps taken building my subscription businesses

My process to date has been more accidental than designed:

1) Go help people.

2) Figure out what people will pay to get help with (ideally something they’ll pay monthly for).

3) Go help people in forums. Find out the common issues and problems. Answer them there and then. Create content to answer repeated questions.

4) Create a paid course to help people with the most common problem (how to get started).

5) Create a private Facebook group to help people who bought the course.

6) Realise Facebook groups are cr@p and start migrating people to a paid forum.

7) Realise that a paid forum with ongoing support and training will help members better than a one-off course. Plan to move course into the forum and close down course.

8) All while still serving done-for-you clients who are still paying monthly.

9) All while getting paid by the clients to learn how to solve problems those very clients have.

10) All while getting paid by the clients to build the people, processes, technology, and IP to solve their problems at scale.