January 1, 2018

Working ON my business over Xmas

Usually my Xmas holiday period project is a bit removed from my business. Some new skill that could help down the line. One year it was to record a screencast. Another year it was to create a forum.

This year was different. I decided to really think about my business from a much higher level view than I normally do – to pull myself away from the coal-face and BE the businessman I need to be to grow my business. Hence joining James Shramko’s paid community, and then buying his excellent wee book called “Work Less, Make More”. I flew through that book in a couple of hours in one sitting. There’s so many actionable takeaways that I suggest everyone gets a copy.

The first takeaway I’ve implemented immediately is to think in blocks of 12 weeks (a Quarter really). For Q1 I’ve decided to focus on stabilising my current MRR and making it more passive if possible. This means focusing on my current DFY clients, and shunting the forum and email newsletter ideas I had out to Q2.

I mentioned that to James in our private coaching thread and he agreed that DFY is better to scale first before building a business to serve the DIY market.

I’m in a slight quandary though, because I’m still churning out content every day by just answering people’s questions.

Another concept from Jame’s book is “The Infinity Project” – some underlying project that will run forever, and that if your team have any free time from working on client projects, then they can work on this to grow its value.

Maybe my infinity project is my blog/email newsletter? It’s like the sand between the rocks in my day. Actually, it’s more than that … I can’t NOT write. It helps me get clarity, and I think I have to empty my mind by writing lest I get all jammed up. Without getting it on paper I think I’ll probably get stuck going over the same things in my head…