September 15, 2017

Know how you work

Years ago I took Perry Marshall’s marketing DNA test and was dumbfounded.

15 years doing hardcore IT support writing and following procedures and processes.

Then the report tells me I’m best under fire, thinking on my feet, and that I often don’t know what I’m going to say next.
I was dumbfounded because:

1) I thought going on the B of Bang was wrong. It isn’t. It suits entrepreneurs who need to get stuff going and need to be agile.

2) I’d spent years of my life working in an unnatural fashion – because I was good at creating and following procedures and processes. It’s just that I’m even better going off-piste. Sometimes being good enough at something can hold you back from your calling.

3) Good things happen when you Know yourself. Find out how you work best, embrace it, and go all-in.