January 12, 2016

#AndyTalks 003 – I can stand!

Observations from this video:
1) Damn, it’s a lot easier to talk when you’re stood up.

2) So this is a video progress thread of me just getting to the start line!

3) One take. No practice. No editing. Go on the “B” of “Bang”. (EDIT: I had no idea that I was going to talk about team consumer vs team producer. It again backs up that profiling I did a while back and included above.)​

Things to note for next video:
1) Don’t talk while you’re moving at the start and the end. You can’t then cut out the bits where you turn the video on and off. Mind you, it’s easier just to upload without editing.

2) The camera focus/colour (exposure?) changes as I moved around – I should fix that at the start.

3) Small rug to stand on? … so you can’t hear my clumpy shoes on the wooden floor.

4) Too much check shirt and check wallpaper? Haha…

5) It’s a bit long at 4.5 mins. I’ll aim for 3 mins or under.

6) I’ll plan out the next one rather than just ad-lib. It only needs to be a few bullet points I think, with a conclusion/goal I’m working towards.​

What do you think?