January 8, 2016

This Secret CPA Method + Ninja Traffic Tactics = $1,000+/Weekly

It’s 10:13am and I just sat down to go through my emails.

This bad boy jumped out at me and I opened it so I could insta-unsubscribe from some list I can’t remember being on, and don’t remember getting on either.

I presume you know the “Nigerian Prince” scam?

“Hi, I’m a Nigerian Prince who needs to transfer millions to your country. I don’t have a bank account though. Can you give me your bank details so I can transfer the millions to your account and then move it on? I’ll give you $100k for your troubles.”

I heard the guys who run that scam deliberately use bad grammar, and an unplausable story, so they filter out the gullible from the crowd. If you reply back with serious questions, then you’ve marked yourself – as a mark.

Clever really. The language and the story they use not only appeals to their target market, it identifies their target market.

“This Secret CPA Method + Ninja Traffic Tactics = $1,000+/Weekly”​

What can we learn about this email subject line?

Does “Secret” appeal to you?

Does “Ninja” appeal to you?

Does “$1,000+/Weekly” appeal to you?

Who are they trying to filter out from the crowd?

Whenever I see something like this, I wonder if it’s a B2B or a B2C play.

What do you think would happen if you sent that email to Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, ?

Would they want to find out the “secret”?

Do they (still) secretly aspire to be Ninjas?

Would they be interested in getting up to $1,000/weekly?
(Obviously an easy additional $1,000/weekly is a different matter.)

Do you think they’d open this email, or insta-unsubscribe?

Here’s my thinking…

If you can’t imagine a bona-fide business person jumping all over that offer, then it’s NOT a B2B play.

Which means it’s a B2C play.

If that subject line appealed to you, then maybe it’s because you’re not a B player yet, but you’re a C player who wants to become a B player.

Just my 2c, but maybe the first step is to try and see the world like a B player, and filter out the “secrets” and “ninja tactics” – because those secret ninja tactics are there to get you to raise your hand

… so they can pick your pocket.

(No, I’m not saying those guys don’t make a sh*t-load of money, and No, I’m not saying you can’t learn from them either. I’m just saying.)