January 27, 2016

#AndyTalks 004 – Problem Solving


Observations from this video:

1) It’s a bit longer than I thought/hoped.

2) I did pencil drawings first so I could just go over them with the pen. You can’t see the pencil drawings, which is good. 🙂

3) I didn’t manage any videos last week because I made the mistake of starting client work first thing in the morning, and then my day ran away from me. Today I had to do client work, but I was determined to shoot a video straight after lunch. I can do the rest of the client work tonight when the house is asleep (I can’t shoot a video in the kitchen when everyone’s asleep upstairs).

4) You almost can’t tell I’m in the kitchen!


Things to note for next video:

1) Ooops. This one crept over 10 minutes. I’ll see if I can be quicker next time.

2) I still need to sort that exposure thing. It goes light then dark every now and then.

3) I’m not quite standing right because the leg of the flip-chart is in the way. I was concious of knocking it over. I’ll sort that for next time.


What do you think?