April 11, 2016

#AndyTalks 029 – It’s New Year every week!

Today I’m pumped because it’s Monday morning, and I’ve started the week on the right foot.

I spend the morning preparing for a call with my AdWords contractor, and then having the call.

One client tells me they’ve paid two invoices – last night. I’m downing tools for that one for the minute.

I talk about getting a transcription of 028 on rev.com too.


Morning Snaps. Monday morning, love it. New opportunity to get stuff done. It’s like a new year every week. Yay! Anyway, I’m going for a run.

What a great way to start my week. I’m so pleased. I went for my run. I was debating it because it started raining and I had things I wanted to do, but no I kept to my guns and I feel great.

This is how I like to start my day, or certainly my week. Not at my PC. Do NOT login to email, just prioritize in a bit of peace and quiet. Nice cup of tea. Toast is about to pop over there. Perfect!

Interesting morning so far, spent most of my time preparing for a call with my AdWords subcontractor and then having the call with him. We’ll keep plowing away on one of the clients. Another client say they’ve paid the last two invoices. “Last night” they paid it! (So they say). We’re just going to spend an hour today adjusting bids to try and get the spend right, and then we’ll leave it until the money hits our account.

I’ve got some reports to do for a couple more clients to report on last week.

I just spent maybe 10 minutes editing a transcription. I got the transcription done of Andy Talks 028 yesterday. It was a Snap chat story. I went to Rev.com. It cost me eight euro to get it transcribed. It came back half one in the morning, like one and a half hours later. It’s good.

I spent a little time editing it because it’s fresh in my memory. I didn’t have to go through the video again. I probably spent too long editing it. I don’t think the transcription is for people to read.

I think the transcription is more for SEO purposes to get some better love from Google because it can read the transcription because it obviously can’t read the video. Later I’ll work out how to add it as captions or subtitles or whatever it is into the YouTube video. I think that looks fairly straight forward. I’m not going to bother trying to line it up timing wise. Maybe YouTube and Google are clever enough to that nowadays, don’t know. That’s interesting.