April 11, 2016

#AndyTalks 028 – You can go slower than you think


A member of The Fastlane Forum talked about the power he sees in video logging.

Gary Vaynerchuk does an excellent video logging series, called the DailyVee.

I certainly didn’t set off doing these Snapchat stories to do a vlogging series myself.

I’ve been using Snapchat, because I think it’s a brilliant app for being able to create little snippets of video that I can then post here, there and everywhere to help people with online marketing, or business stuff.

I have coffees with business owners, and I have these conversations, so I should record them and make more them.

By the way, after a while you realize a lot of these conversations you’re having, some of the common recurring themes are more mindset stuff than marketing, how-to stuff to do with AdWords, or websites, or stuff like that.

Anyway, I’ve been saving these Snapchats stories every evening to my camera roll and uploading them to Dropbox, then publishing some of them on YouTube.

My original plan (still my plan) is to build up a bank of content (shout out to Joshua who recommended I do that) … get a bank of content that’s built up, from which I can extract little videos, and then also, I’ve got a lot of B-roll.

Interesting for me to go back through some of those days, like last week, or the week before, and try to find little bits to pull out of, and then watch and listen to the things I was doing that day, struggling with, or something I’d overcome.

It’s quite an interesting thing, this vlogging potentially.

Maybe my kids when they get older, they can follow along to see what daddy was up to.

Wow, maybe it goes as far backward, err, forward as grandchildren looking at these vlogs?

That would be amazing wouldn’t it?

This is making me think of legacy stuff, longer term, really long term now … Like in the film Superman, where he throws that thing out into the ice, and then his dad’s there talking to him, and he’s never met his dad, or wasn’t old enough, or wasn’t ready for those lessons, or those messages.

Haha. I’m getting a bit morbid now aren’t I?

It reminds me of that saying, “When you’re ready, the teacher appears.” It actually just means that teacher was there all along, you just weren’t ready to hear it.

It’s the same as somebody just trying to get started in business, and trying to come up with an idea, find some opportunity.

It’s the sort of mindset that where you think opportunity only knocks once, and when it does, I have to grab it with both hands.

When actually, opportunity is all around!

If you’re listening for it, it’s like a drum roll on your door.

It’s a drum roll.

(Watches ducks feeding in the water)

It always cracks me up when they do that. Ahh ducks, so funny.

Shout out to Liam actually, when last week I was talking about my cash going out quick, because I’ve got subcontractors, and how some of my clients are on thirty day terms, so my cash flow is a bit screwed up at the minute.

Liam snapped me back and said he knows that feeling. He’s been there before!

And he also said, “You can go slower than you think.”

Well, that’s great advice. It was pretty timely for me as well, just to slow it down, don’t get too far ahead of myself.

Sometimes you make much better progress when you’re not in a rush, and are just nice and calm.

I remember that in my teens, when I was doing sprint training, the lad I trained with, he was a 10.6 hundred meter runner.

I was an 11.6 hundred meter runner.

There’s nothing I could do. The harder I tried to keep up with him, the slower I’d go, because I’d be working against myself.

I use to race around the countryside on a motorbike, scrapping my knees, sliders, here, there and everywhere.

I actually had to change vehicles from a sports bike to a different style of bike just to slow me down, and then, I really enjoyed it.

I saw… “Wow, there’s a castle. I never saw that before.” I was always haring it past.

The guys I hung around with at the time, we were all a bit nuts. We were all talking about getting your knee down all the time.

After a couple of little accidents, my broken collarbone, etc, I remember meeting up with another guy, an older guy, John and he says:

“Andy, are you smooth? Are you smooth?”


What was he on about?

What he meant was … “effortless”.

Did anyone even notice you coming past?

Do you do a tricky run through the countryside and never touch your brakes? Well, I didn’t use my brakes in the countryside. Hmmm… I didn’t use my brakes. As a road rider, engine braking is the way to go. (I’ll talk about that another time.)

For John, the ultimate compliment for a bike rider would be to go through town, and never put your foot down.

Look far enough ahead to see the red light, to see the traffic, to know where to position yourself, and trickle up to the lights, have them go green just as you’re pulling up. Whew, off again.



I remember doing that going through town on my big BMW GS, with these sports bikes [Vrrrrroom] they went.

The past me!!! I used to be like that: loud exhaust, attention seeking, look at me, yeah!

They would all pull up to the lights, and I’d bimble up and take off just as it went green, and I’d be ahead of them, and then they’d go, “whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh” (past me) all the way through town.

They would go barreling up to these lights and all it meant was, they waited at the red light longer than me.

Personally, I kind of worked out, I liked being on a motorbike for riding it, not for sitting at traffic lights. What’s the point of getting there early and waiting for 30 seconds?

I changed my goals.

Instead of trying to get my knee down, I was trying to be smooth.

I was trying to never to put my foot down. I was trying to go as slow as I could, and enjoy it.

How slow could I go, without stopping?

Oh wow, that was a good game.

I think it’s a good game in business as well.

You young guns, you can all rush off. I’ll meet you at the traffic lights. I’ll beat you anyway. 😉

It’s easy to go go fast, you just do that (twist the throttle). You can come a cropper mind!!

You can get into situations you didn’t see coming as well, and too fast for yourself.

I spoke about Dennis Bergkamp when he was playing for Arsenal, being a man amongst boys, because time slowed down when he got the ball.

Enough rambling! My hands are cold holding the phone. I’m not going to do this with gloves – that would be a bit bizarre. I’m going to get myself a coffee now.


That’s a lot of school uniforms to iron. Damn it!

I’ve got a quick question. I know I can ramble. Oh my goodness, I do know that.

Is that helping you? Maybe things would be better if I did a Q & A?

If you sent me questions and I answered questions, and rambled, but I had a purpose for it? Let me know. Does my, just sort of rambling, musing, does that help you, are you interested in it anyway, and do you have any specific questions?

I’ll be using Periscope and Facebook Live soon enough to go deep into AdWords and online marketing, and I want to keep adding value on Snapchat.

I don’t have many followers, so I can answer questions you’ve got for me.

Later on, I might not be able to, so make the most of it now. Ask me questions.

Also, let me know, am I rambling too much?