January 9, 2018

You already have a personal brand

For those of you who don’t want to build a personal brand, my thoughts are that you already have a personal brand, whether you intentionally built it or not.

Every thing you do and don’t do, every little interaction or lack of, is building your personal brand.

You’re the guy who gets stuff done. The guy to trust. The guy who puts relationships ahead of a quick buck. Etc.

I prefer to think of personal branding that way, rather than “building authority” or [email protected] like that.

For years I tried not to be just an “AdWords dude”.

Clients wouldn’t listen to me when I advised them about their landing pages. I even hired a marketing consultant to help me reposition myself.

I eventually embraced it.

It’s just a label – one of many I wear.

I’m also a dad, son, biker, hard-worker, forum moderator, chatter-box, listener, husband…