November 14, 2015

#AndyTalks 001 – Just Do It!

In Nov-2015 I created my first “talking head” video.

I just used my iPhone 5S with the inbuilt mic.

I then bought a lapel mic that didn’t fit into the iPhone jack (grrrr). I’ve since found out there’s an adapter that can be used, but ordered a MOVO PM10 lapel mic anyway.

The next test I wanted to do was to improve the audio.

This first video was created using the “selfie” camera, and I found it really hard to look at the lens, hence not bothering and just looking at myself … oh the vanity… 🙂

Anyway, here’s the video:


Hi guys, this is Andy Black.

I just thought I’d do a very quick video for a couple of reasons. One is that I wanted to say “thanks” to Lex in his video threads. I think it made sense to do a video. thanks very much Lex they’ve been great videos, very informative. Loved seeing how it’s developing for you as well and love the fact that you just got out there and did it. That’s inspired me to do the same thing; just go out there and do it.

I’ve been meaning to create a little video series for the last couple of weeks. I thought about it a while ago but just seriously for the last couple of weeks and I’ve even PM’d Lex asking what camera have you been using and he’s told me what lighting he’s using and all the rest of it.

Last night I was on Amazon; I was on Google; I was watching YouTube “how to” videos; I ended up on blogs; I could see they had all these membership sites so you could learn how to be a podcaster, videocaster all these kind of things and I was…

I went to bed at about 12 o/clock, my eyes hanging out of my head and I was no nearer to creating a video, just to say thanks to Lex. Really, if I want to say thanks to Lex and create a little video — just do it.

How would I do it? I wouldn’t need all that stuff; I wouldn’t need to learn any more. I Skype my parents every three or four days, so they can see me and see the grandkids. It works fine. I’ve got an iPhone just use that.

All I’ve done is go out and buy a little €15 tripod to put the phone in, €12 even, it’s been brilliant. So far today just talking to my parents on Skype it’s been a lot easier than just holding my phone out like this and them probably getting seasick. That’s all I’ve done.

So, instead of spending a load of time learning — OK well I wasted a couple of hours; it was interesting — I didn’t waste any more time. This morning I got up, went out, bought a tripod. Come back, found the best place in the house. I’m in the kitchen; there’s light over there; there’s kind of light behind me. Done. Short video. Thanks very much Lex.

My goal was to say thanks to Lex, not to create a great video. As soon as that became a goal, instead of creating a great video, as soon as it became — thank you to Lex, I just did it.

That’s what I’d like you to take away from this, apart from Lex himself to say “thanks very much and keep up the good work.” Everyone else watching this — get your goal right, get your purpose right, who you’re trying to help. What are you trying to do? Are you trying to say thank you to somebody? Are you trying to help somebody?

Do that. Stop doing all the other stuff that gets in the way. Alright, good luck.