April 18, 2016

#AndyTalks 036 – Videos vlogging

Monday morning Snappers. Ah, love it, I’m always excited Monday morning. It’s like a new week and that’ll be because it is a new week. Duh.

I had a good week last week and I plan on having a good week this week, so I’ve started in the same vein. I went for my longer run this morning. I fired up a couple of Basecamp threads with my two contractors who are helping me, weekly threads for this week to chat about priorities and what we’re doing. Had breakfast and now I’m sitting with a cup of tea and my moleskin, you might have seen it last week, if not I’ll show you in a sec.

As I’ve said before, Moleskin, nice pen, cup of tea and for all you parents out there listen to this.

[screen: BLISS]

Thoughts on videos so far. I’m really enjoying it, I’m able to churn out content quite quickly. I like the vlogging aspect of it. I myself went back and watched a few last night because I was trying to find ones to get transcribed. I found it interesting to know what I was doing at that time, see even in just a few weeks how I’ve moved forward. I’m going to continue doing vlogging, especially thinking about my kids. But, I do want to create smaller videos that are more on point and can have a title and whatever is in the video is just about that title.

Loving the Snapchat app for creating videos. It’s just… It’s brilliant. It’s teaching me to deliver my lines, like I said before. Although maybe not so good in my last Snap, but whatever, I’ll keep going.

What I’m thinking of doing this week is, I will save the whole of the story to my camera and upload it as vlog with a date and time-stamp on it. In my YouTube channel, I’ll create a “vlog playlist,” so I’ve got an “AndyTalks Playlist” and I’ve got an “AdWords Playlist” and I’ve got a “Vlog Playlist.” I’ll start cutting out little segments from the daily vlog and posting them as separate AndyTalks or AdWords or whatever.