February 20, 2016

#AndyTalks 006 – A Day On Snapchat

I’ve been on Snapchat for a couple of weeks now. It’s so frictionless and fun that making short videos isn’t a chore, but is a pleasure.

The longest you can do a video is 10 seconds, but you can string together a few and add them to your story so you can get across more information.

It might be that for longer conversations, I do a live Periscope, and then tell people on Snapchat that I’ve done a Periscope and to check it out if they want to learn more about XYZ.

Even just being on Snapchat for a week, I am already infinitely more comfortable doing selfie videos, and want to do more.

I’ve only a handful of followers, but engagement is very high as they let me know what they liked from that day, or if they found anything helpful.

The benefits of doing these short videos on any old subject (including walking to and from the gym) is that some clips resonate with people, and they’re about stuff I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing a more formal YouTube video about.

Loving Snapchat so far.

It’s unexpectedly turning a little bit into a vlog of me growing my business (which of course involves providing marketing advice to other businesses), as well as juggling being a dad and husband.