April 13, 2016

#AndyTalks 031 – A Snapchat observation


Morning. Just off to the gym. I missed the gym yesterday because I was on that course which was excellent, by the way. I loved it. I’m just going to have one gym session this week. Hopefully, I’ll go for a run tomorrow so that will be two runs this week.

Yeah, I missed a session. I missed a bit of work, whatever. Don’t let it break your stride. Just keep going. Just keep chipping away. Make it a habit you’re going to do for life. If you’re going to do it for life, you wouldn’t be worried about missing one.

Thank you to Sega. When I asked everybody if I ramble too much, he said he quite like the rambling. It helped him to understand my points. As in if I just delivered a soundbite, then it’d go over your head. Okay. Fine. Whereas when you get the preamble of me trying to work out, me getting to the soundbite, then it’s almost like me talking to you and it sticks better.

I’ve noticed I’m consuming less on Snapchat now. I think that’s inevitable with me. When I start something, I become a consumer for a while and get well into it. Then later on, I just naturally get bored of it or overwhelmed actually. Rolling stories have put me off as well where I start somebody’s update, I get everybody’s update if I was to sit there and watch them all. I’m getting more friends following me and I’m following them all back. It’s just too much for me to consume.

Another shout out to Joshua who suggested prefixing the names of the few people that you want to follow so that you can find them easily and just follow those ones. I came up with a naming convention. Prefixing them with the letter A and a round bracket because then when you look at all the stories, not the updates part, but all the stories, they sort to the top so I’m going to have five sorted to the top. Having to put in place better processes and strategies to be a more discerning consumer rather than just consume like a robot.

On the producer side, I’ve noticed I’m getting more people following each snap daily and had a bit of a burst today. I attribute that burst of new people watching my snaps just out to this rolling stories thing because I haven’t had like a burst of new followers, but that’s going to encourage me and other people just to keep to the point … If you’re going to get people accidentally coming into your story, you want to get to the point quick and deliver value to them so that they continue watching you.

I had a pretty good day today working. Picked up a new client, I think. A few more emails coming through, people interested in me doing audits. Client who’s behind paying me for the last couple of weeks work (we’re invoicing weekly is trying to get me paid. I believe him. He’s also watched my Blab as well. I think he now realizes I’m not the average AdWords guy. I dealt with him maybe two years ago. Then he went off and now he’s come back. He’s sort of regretting that now. That’s regret in the going off, not regret in coming back. All right?

This evening I was getting some of my videos uploaded from a phone up to YouTube, getting them transcribed. Transcription is coming back so fast from rev.com.

I’m teaming up with Blab with a successful entrepreneur who I’m following on Snapchat. I’m doing it for Fastlane Forum. I’m going to drop it into the forum itself so looking forward to that and, hopefully, adding more value to the forum.

I need to go to bed because these late nights are killing me. I’m just not used to staying up beyond 12 o’clock on calls anymore. Tomorrow, I’ll do another AdWords tip about how to set your location targeting so that Google doesn’t bleed you without you knowing. The first thing in the morning, I’ll be getting kids up, ready, out the door and then go for my run which I’m going to look forward to because it was a great day today. It would have been nice to go for a run today.