February 16, 2017

Act Like a Business Owner

I’m a fellow business owner. A peer.

I talk in terms of enquiries and sales. Customers and revenue. Costs and ROI.

I meet people locally for a coffee.

I talk to people around the world on Skype.

I position myself as “The AdWords Guy” but I do landing pages, Weekly Trading reports, and keep clients moving in the right direction.

If they ask, I’m not even building a Digital Marketing Agency. I’m building a Marketing Technology Company.

I don’t cold call because I’ve enough clients and inbound leads anyway. I’m busy with my own stuff.

I’m a fellow business owner, not a service provider.

I’ll help you if you’re a good fit for the vision for my business.

I’m not trying to close you. You either see the value or you don’t.

Haggle with me and you’re not worth my time. If I have to chase payments you’re not worth my time. (I don’t say any of this of course – it’s a mindset thing.)

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